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What is Substance B?

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Substance B is an innovative platform to connect authors directly with their readers. Too often the large eBook stores create a wall between the author and reader, preventing direct interaction. This is frustrating, because independent publishing is all about breaking down the barriers between author and reader. Readers have the opportunity to obtain the following from their favorite authors:

Free eBook samples from your favorite authors directly in your web/mobile browser using the Substance B Reader. You can also download EPUB and MOBI eBook samples to read offline.

Personalized eBooks signed by the author with a unique message to you and/or pictures. You can request one of these inscribed eBooks from an author at their author page. Please have a look at an example of inscribed eBook [EPUB, MOBI].

Links to all the author’s eBooks at all stores based on your reading preference. Please feel free to peruse the selection of books from these outstanding independent authors and small presses.

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If you are an author who is interested in being featured on Substance B, please contact BB eBooks to get a quote on turning your manuscript into an eBook today. Substance B is a complimentary service provided by BB eBooks for our valued clients.

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