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What is Substance B?

Substance B is the sister website of BB eBooks, a small business that has provided professional eBook design and formatting for authors around the world. Substance B is a platform for readers to discover new eBooks from independent authors and small presses in many genres. You can browse eBooks online or download eBook samplers for your eReading devices in EPUB or MOBI format. Additionally, you can find all the places where books are sold. Substance B is also a place where you can contact your favorite authors and subscribe to their mailing list. The best part is that you can request authors to sign your eBooks, embed pictures, and write a personalized message for you. This personalized eBook will be a unique gift for you and your loved ones.

How do I read the eBooks provided on Substance B?

Substance B works closely with authors to make sure that their eBooks will be properly formatted for an optimal reading experience. You can enjoy reading reflowable text for any eBook available on our website which you can freely adjust to fit your screen of any size. You can choose to read online or offline by downloading the eBook in EPUB or MOBI file for your eReader, smartphone, and/or tablet. For help on reading the EPUB and MOBI eBooks, please view the Tutorials page.

What are some of your sample eBooks that I can read?

For avid readers, we truly understand your capacity to read endlessly. That is the reason why we provide you with classical works from the public domain that we have properly formatted to cater to your needs, as well as samples from new and upcoming authors in a wide variety of genres. Also, we are adding many more eBook samplers to the database for your eyes and mind. Please drop us a line if there is an eBook not in our catalogue that you would like to see. Stay tuned for more addictive reads!

How will Substance B help me discover new eBooks from my favorite authors?

Not only do you get a chance to read eBooks written by a wide group of authors, you can also visit the Author page on our website to find more books categorized by authors’ names and genres. Or, you can go to the Books page to preview by genre. For example, if you are looking for a steamy novel, you can explore the erotica genre to get your fix. Every Author page has a link to their social media and website, and every Book page has a link to where to purchase the eBook and/or print book.

How do I sign up for my favorite author’s newsletter?

The good news is you do not need a login name and password to peruse the Substance B website. When browsing individual author pages, we encourage you to support independent authors by signing up for their newsletter. If you wish to hear more from your favorite author, you can subscribe to their newsletter or send a message directly to them at the bottom of the author page. Once you are signed up, you will get regular updates directly from the authors at their discretion. Substance B may also send you an occasional newsletter when you sign up with the authors; however, we will never disclose your email address to an outside party (please consult the Terms & Conditions page for more details).

What is this business about a watermark on the personalized eBooks?

Due to advice from the authors that support BB eBooks and Substance B, we use a watermarking system on the personalized eBooks. This embeds unique code deep into the metadata where we can verify the authenticity of the signed eBook upon request from the author or reader. These personalized eBooks may be real collectors’ items someday—you never know! Also, please do not distribute your personalized eBook to others without express permission from the copyright owner (in most cases the author). Please note Substance B does not use a DRM system, because every person we know hates it.

Am I allowed to share the eBooks from Substance B?

You are welcome to share the eBook samplers and public domain eBooks on the Substance B Reader. You are not allowed to share the personalized eBooks from the author without explicit permission from the owner of the copyright (in most cases the author).

Do I have to pay to use Substance B service?

Definitely not! You are most certainly welcome to read as many eBooks, look through your favorite genres, and discover great talented authors as long as you like. You can support independent authors and small presses by going to the retailer links on their Book pages to purchase a new eBook.

What do I get out of Substance B?

Apart from standing a chance to communicate with your favorite authors and read their work, you can also request their eBooks to be inscribed especially for you with the personalized eBooks only available at Substance B. You can ask them to write a personal message to your loved ones or possibly get a photo of you and the author taken together that can be embedded into the eBook. Please send your favorite author a message at the bottom of their Author page.

How is Substance B different from other free eBook services?

Unlike other websites that provide free eBooks, Substance B works very closely with the authors who are clients of BB eBooks to promote their specially designed eBooks. The inscription page makes the eBook unique and memorable for readers. You can contact the authors directly to buy your personalized eBook.

Reading on Substance B is fast and practical. There are no complex buttons or agreements for you to fill out in the form before being allowed to read. You type in the website address and start reading the book of your choice right away. Apart from free exposure to eBooks, you can get the chance to learn more about the authors who craft fascinating stories for your entertainment and/or knowledge. For those of you who are familiar with online reading, the offline eBooks will equally display the same level of quality on your devices: EPUB will be suitable for most eReaders whereas MOBI is compatible with the Kindles and Kindle Apps. Please learn more about reading your eBook on the tutorial page. No more worries about bad, ugly formatting. Our quality control guarantees professional design throughout the eBook with the consistency of paragraph style and textual presentation regardless of your reading preferences.

How many authors have joined your website?

We are working very hard to secure deals with many authors to publicly post samples of their works on our website. Nevertheless, please check our website regularly to anticipate great reading collections from Substance B and spread the good news among your friends by joining us on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

I’m an author and I want my books on Substance B?

All our authors are clients of BB eBooks who have had at least one eBook designed by us. Please query BB eBooks if you would like us to be your trusted contractor for eBook and print interior design. We look forward to hearing from you.