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Terms & Conditions for Users

Please Note: For clients who have material on Substance B, you are governed under a separate Terms & Conditions specified in the backend.


Legal: In using this website, you are deemed to have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions set forth by BB eBooks Co., Ltd., the owner of the Substance B platform and brand. “User”, “you”, and “your” refer to you, the person accessing the website and/or utilizing the services of Substance B. “We”, “the company”, “BB eBooks”, and “us” refers to the company BB eBooks Co., Ltd., a registered company in the Kingdom of Thailand residing at 1/2 On Nut 44, Sukhumvit 77 Road, Suan Luang, Bangkok 10250, with a business registration number of 0105556042593 (Ministry of Commerce affidavit available upon request). “Client” refers to an author, publisher, or other legal entity who has a contractual arrangement with BB eBooks to have their content displayed on the Substance B website. The laws of Thailand govern these Terms and Conditions. By accessing the website, you consent to these Terms and Conditions and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Thailand courts in all disputes arising.

Privacy Statement: We are strongly committed to protecting your privacy. Authorized employees within the company on a need-to-know basis use information obtained from you through our website for the purpose of conducting business. We will never share your information with anyone outside of the company or registered clients of Substance B without your explicit permission. We will not sell, share, or rent your personal information to any third party, including the email address you provide.

Confidentiality: We will never share your content, working documents, images, audio, video, metadata, email information or anything else you entrust to us with anyone outside of the company without your explicit permission. All information you provide us in the course of conducting business with our company is considered confidential.

Copyright: The Substance B platform is copyrighted by the company under Thailand’s Copyright Act B.E. 2521 and is valid for 50 years upon its creation (i.e. 2063 A.D. / B.E. 2606). All content submitted or authorized by the client to be displayed on the Substance B platform is under copyright of that client, or alternatively, that client is acting on behalf of the copyright owner.

Source Code: The programs and applications that manage the function and usage of the Substance B website and its associated applications are protected under Thai law by the Trade Secrets Act B.E. 2545. Parties that are interested in using portions of source code utilized on Substance B for commercial or non-profit purposes should contact the company in writing. The company has an internal policy that the Managing Director must approve usage of the source code by outside parties. Access into areas of our server outside of public visibility and protected by passwords and/or firewalls is not permitted unless specifically authorized by the company. Malicious code injection, cross-site scripting, deliberate buffer overflow, and other illegal activities specified under Thailand’s B.E. 2550 Computer Crime Act will not be tolerated.

Updates to the Terms and Conditions: BB eBooks reserves the right to periodically update the Terms and Conditions at any time and will make them publicly available on the Substance B website.

Substance B Content

Public Domain Content: All eBooks labeled “public domain” in the front matter are free to be distributed and modified. However, we are not responsible for content originally created by us if it is used outside of the company’s property/web domain(s).

eBook Samples and Content Publicly Available on Substance B: All eBooks that are samples of larger written work from a client are free to be distributed. However, this content is protected under copyright by the client and may not be modified, repurposed, or used for commercial purposes without explicit permission from the client who has the copyright.

Personalized eBooks from Substance B: All eBooks that are inscribed by the authors and represent a complete work are for exclusive use of the user to which they are distributed to. They are not to be resold, modified, or distributed without explicit consent from the client who owns the copyright. A watermarking system is used in the personalized eBook’s metadata to indicate to whom and where the personalized eBook was sent.

Links to Our Website: You are welcome and encouraged to link to our website and/or individual pages/sections on our website without prior consent from us. However, BB eBooks not responsible for the content at the site of origin on all incoming links.

Use of the Substance B Logo: You are welcome and encouraged to modify, distribute, and repurpose the Substance B logo, so long as the logo is used to reference BB eBooks and/or its associated affiliates and it falls under a fair use policy. However, BB eBooks is not responsible for how the logo is used if modified or utilized by an outside party.

Content Restrictions

Refusal of Service: BB eBooks reserves the right to refuse service to any user. The company will provide a reason to the user of why they cannot access the website, with the exception of content in violation of Thailand’s Criminal Code Article 112.

Pornographic Content: BB eBooks reserves the right to refuse service to any user if they are found posting material that includes 1) pornographic images, 2) depictions of grotesque sexuality including necrophilia and bestiality in violation of Section 287 of the Thai Criminal Code. Posting of child pornography in violation of Section 287 of the Thai Criminal Code will be immediately removed from the company’s website and reported to the Royal Thai Police.

Article 112 of the Thai Criminal Code: BB eBooks and its staff categorically refuse to partake in the publication, storage, distribution, or manipulation of content and/or discussion in public or private that could potentially be construed as “defaming” or “insulting” to the monarchy of Thailand per Thailand’s Criminal Code Article 112. The term “defaming” and “insulting” refers to any person, at any time, feeling that the monarchy of Thailand has been “defamed” or “insulted” by content and/or discussion. Lese Majeste is a very serious criminal offense in Thailand that can result in imprisonment. Any user or client of the website found to be posting, uploading, or linking content, images, or other multimedia that could be considered “defaming” or “insulting” to Thailand’s monarchy will have their IP address blocked from our server immediately without any prior consent.

Thank You

Thank you for your attention to the Terms & Conditions. Please contact us if you have any questions.