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A diverse collection of dark stories and travel journals.

If you enjoy reading about weird experiences and eccentric perceptions, then Mumbo Jumbo is for you!

"Cold crystal particles beautifully shaped and delicately formed into the soft snow or harsh ice of hiking and climbing.
This is what the word crystal conjures for me.
For others it may be a cure in crystal healing, the devil calling in crystal meth, an expensive cut glass thing or just a pretty stone. Once I even knew a girl called Crystal who had the magic of a piece of crystal rock.

Berlin. November 9th 2014.
The bar was dimly lit, in fact from the outside it barely looked open...." Crystal Night.

"The ceremony was repeated the next night, but this time Miguel bypassed the ritual and clothing and went straight to the point. There were only about six people in the tipi besides Miguel and Fish, and Miguel seemed animated, immediately dishing out the ayahuasca after the tobacco splutter.
For some reason he gave me a glass, like a whisky glass but without the shot or two. It was a full glass, I heard him tell Fish in Spanish that it was really strong and Fish physically tried to stop him from giving it to me. Miguel shrugged him off.
I ended up drinking the lot.
Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next..." Mumbo jumbo

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