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Spawn of Evil

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“Did you just kill me, mother?”

The book melds WWII Nazi history, murder, sex and extreme violence into a thrilling novel. Not recommended for those under eighteen years old.

While with their parents, who were serving as SS Nazi guards at Auschwitz, six boys with psychological behavior patterns, were selected for a special educational class. Their teacher, who is a Nazi officer, instructs them in the new beliefs of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. The young teenage boys are indocumented into Nazism. Through books and teachings, the Nazis prove that the Gypsies and Jews are a threat to Germany, and must be exterminated. The boy’s witness this first hand, while at the concentration camp and are encouraged to participate, in the raping and murdering, of the prisoners.

After World War II ends, some of the boy’s parents, as war criminals, are caught and hung. Now, while their being raised by other German families, their psychopath and sociopath behavior festers and becomes heightened, as they approach their late teens. Soon they began to rape and murder Jews and Gypsies.

At the end of the war, ex-prisoners, patriots and Jews from Palestine, who fought with the British Brigade during the war, become disenchanted with the Allies, for letting the SS Nazis and other war criminals, who are guilty of murdering Jews, escape without punishment. They form a vigilante group, known as the DIN. They target all those guilty of war crimes, who have avoided being put on trial for their crimes against the Jews. The SS Nazi officers and members of the Gestapo are high on the DIN’s lists.

The DIN organizes “hit squads” known as the Nakam. Their goal is to capture, torture for information and without a trail, kill SS Nazi officers and all other Germans, who were guilty of war crimes and have escaped judgment.

During this same time, an unexpected series of rapes and murders are being committed against the Jews in Western Germany and Paris France. The DIN selects one of its Nakam hit squads, to locate and kill those guilty of committing, the horrendous atrocities on their people.

The culprits are a German man, who is a gay pedophile and the six young Nazi men, who are now on their own, and have widened the area of their assaults, on Jews. Now they’re causing a wave of rapes and deaths of Jewish men, women and boys in Western Germany, Paris, France, London, England and Miami, Florida. Now the tables are turned on them. Instead of being the pursuers they become the hunted.

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