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“Boring. Tiresome. Predictable.” Trish Stinson’s husband of almost thirty years has decided she’s boring - boring enough to divorce her. At a local bar where she’s gone to drown her sorrows, Trish stumbles into an invitation from a handsome older man to visit a club. One visit to the club and Trish knows: She’s found the adventure she was looking for, kinky though it may be. But when an event at the club pairs her with a Dom for two weeks, her luck changes. The pairing is with the one club member who seems to hate her - Clint Winstead. The sad-eyed Dom exhibits an unusual distaste for Trish, which makes his acceptance of the coupling surprising to her. As she gets to know him, she develops one clear goal: She wants to see Clint smile. But that smile is going to cost her more than she ever dreamed. The price just might be her life. Adventurous Me is a hot, hardcore, sweet, funny tale of a woman trying to find herself and a man trying to bury a tragedy. Filled with heartbreak and warmth, it’s a journey Trish never thought she’d take, as told in her own words. WARNING: Contains strong BDSM themes and scenes, punishment, and explicit sexual situations. Not suitable for readers under the age of 18 or those who might find erotic literature offensive.

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