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Rise and Shine (Shine On Series, Book Two)

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Rise & Shine is the second book in the Shine On Series.
Emmie Talbot is a quintessential good girl.
Sweet, southern, kind.
Church Goer.
In love for the first time.

Emmie’s life is a little less complicated. There will be no more working for crazy ‘ole Mr. Thomas and she now has the clues she needs find her real father. Emmie may have the best apple pie moonshine recipe in Kentucky but her bootlegging days are behind her. Or so she thinks. When Max’s condition worsens and he needs the help of doctors and hospitals in a far away town, Emmie is faced with another dilemma. To ’shine or not to ‘shine. How can Emmie not rise to the occasion to help Walter’s family?

Silas McDowell’s life is not so uncomplicated. A fame seeking revenuer is hot on his trail. Busting up his stills, raiding his speakeasies, and smiling for newspaper pictures. It is a dangerous time for Emmie to be toying in the business again. Risky or not, she will always Rise and Shine.

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Genre: Romance


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