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Historically, one of the great criticisms which can be raised against the German people is that so few of them spoke out against the crimes committed by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party in their name. Even fewer among their number actually attempted to stop Hitler. But it must be noted that there were several attempts to assassinate The Fuhrer both before and during the war years. Given the totalitarian and brutal nature of Nazi rule, such efforts were undertaken at immense risk—to the lives of the conspirators as well as of innocent family and friends. ASSASSINATE HITLER! will examine several of the efforts to kill the man who led Germany to ruin and the world to experience a Second World War, the Holocaust and all the horror attendant.


This issue of ASSASSINATE HITLER! examines three of the most noteworthy attempts to eliminate Adolf Hitler.


Remarkably, a large group of Wehrmacht colonels and generals—and even a field marshal or two—discussed eliminating the Fuhrer on repeated occasions during the war years. While Europe is in flames, they debate the merits of shooting him down in a surprise attack versus attempting to take him prisoner for a trial. The plot which actually came to fruition arose when it was discovered that Hitler would be traveling by plane to the Eastern Front to visit Army Group Center. A bomb disguised as a package of liquor would be secretly smuggled onto his plane for the return flight. If the plane exploded and crashed over the Russian steppe, the result would be a perfect assassination…


A seminary student takes the simplest approach. He acquires a pistol with the intention of gunning down the Fuhrer during a Nazi parade. But he soon realizes that shooting another human being successfully is a difficult business, particularly for someone with little experience handling firearms. And, success or failure, this attempt will be followed by capture and the inevitable torture and execution!


Georg Elser is the quintessential craftsman, a perfectionist who is willing to put endless time and effort in doing something right. His objection to Nazi rule is simple too: the Nazis have cracked down on labor unions and worker freedom to change jobs. Elser decides the best way to eliminate the German dictator is to plant a time bomb in the building where Hitler makes an annual speech. It will take months of painstaking labor to do it right. Elser has all the time and patience in the world…

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