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Congo Mercs #1: Congo Sun

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The events that capitulated the Congo into prominence in 1960 were many: Congo’s recent independence from Belgium, Congo’s immense mineral wealth, the lack of leadership which plunged the country into civil war, and the harsh treatment by the Belgians of the native population for the proceeding 100 years. The first democratically elected Prime Minister was deposed in a coup shortly after his election because of his communist ties and because he objected to the Belgian-backed secession of the mineral rich Katanga province. The Congo then sank into civil war with numerous warlords fighting for power. This was a savage civil war with primitive native warriors fighting with modern weapons. The Simba movement brought additional horror to the conflict. European and American hostages were taken, some were killed in the most brutal way. To stop the bloodshed mercenary groups were financed by certain governments and flown into the Congo. The name “Simba” comes from the fact that the tribal fighters were told by their witch doctors that they would be immune to bullets, and would be transformed into lions when they were in battle.

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