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WW2 #22: Kamikaze

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By June of 1942, the Japanese had finished their stunning victories across the Pacific and down the Indo-China peninsula all the way to the Dutch East Indies, Sweeping all British, American and Dutch Forces before them. To solidify their Island Fortresses in the Pacific, and to finish off the remaining American Carrier Force they sent an invasion fleet against the Island of Midway with this two fold purpose. During the battle the Japanese lost four Aircraft Carriers, the cream of their Navy and all of their experienced pilots and aircraft.

By early 1943 American output of war production was expanding at unheard of Rates, and the new Essex Class of Fast Carriers were entering the fleet. Other newer and faster ships of all classes were sliding down the ways and entering service. American island hopping amphibious invasions of Japanese bases in the Pacific were taking its toll threatening to cut off oil supplies from Java to the South. The Japanese were desperate, and out of this desperation was born the Kamikaze.

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