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WW2 #4: Operation Citadel

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It was to be the most perfect operation ever mounted by the German Wehrmacht. They assembled their elite battle-hardened divisions and equipped them with the most advanced tanks and guns. Two-thirds of the Luftwaffe’s entire available air-power was enlisted in support. Hitler was so certain that “Operation Citadel” would succeed that his order for the operation ended with “Victory at Kursk will be a beacon for the whole world!”

Unfortunately for the Fuhrer and his hard-pressed soldiers, events turned out quite differently. Rudolf Rosser and his “Lucy” ring of spies operating out of Switzerland, assisted by high-level “moles” in the German High Command, had been supplying Moscow with invaluable intelligence. This information was so “hot” that Stalin’s generals were reading Wehrmacht operational orders sometimes even BEFORE they reached German commanders. Ever suspicious, Stalin accepted this material because of its unchallengeable genuineness. The Germans should have suspected something was up when the Red Air Force bombed German staging areas just hours before OPERATION CITADEL was launched. But Hitler’s over-confidence knew no bounds. When the German divisions commenced their assault, The Russians awaited them behind miles of murderous anti-tank defenses and elaborate mine fields. Into these “killing grounds” the elite German troops and their tanks were channeled and then destroyed!

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