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WW2 #13: The Turkey Shoot

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After their defeat at the Battle of Midway the Japanese lost the elite of their carrier forces, and were facing a new threat the loss of the Philippines. When American Admiral Spruance laid siege to the island, of Guam, Rota, and Saipan, the Japanese high command had to commit it’s remaining carriers in a vain effort to stop him.

Unknown to the Japanese, the strength of the U.S. Fleet was being rapidly built up—new carriers and other ships being launched daily. All this while the Japanese Fleet stagnated American submarines were strangling the Japanese Merchant Fleet, slowing to a trickle the flow of oil, steel and other goods needed to replace losses necessary to maintain effective fleet levels. So as powerful as the Japanese Navy was, it was unknowingly about to engage a vastly su­perior American Fleet in the Battle Of Midway, nicknamed “The Great Turkey Shoot”, for reasons about to be made apparent.

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