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WW2 #25: The O.S.S. in WW2 Vol. 1

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For the Allies, the Scandinavian Theater was far more important strategically than it would appear, given the meager of Allied forces assigned to “The War in the North.” The coal mines and fish oil plants at Narvik, Vaagso and Trondheim were vital to the German war effort. Numerous German naval units were cleverly hidden in the thousands of fiords along Norway’s coast to protect these assets. Sabotaging the contribution of occupied Norway to Hitler’s war effort became a serious challenge for the Allies.

Weather stations, another important factor in both the Allied and Axis war-making capabilities, were strung out across the coast of far northern Norway. Near Tromso lay a German weather facility which fed vital meteorological data to Hitler’s commanders; information of critical importance to operations on the Eastern Front. “Special Operations” forces were secretly dispatched by the Allies to eliminate this station.

Getting to the objective, and returning after completing the mission, would be the most difficult part of the operation. Isolated deep in a frozen wasteland, the weather station was also protected by a larger German detachment than the Allies had anticipated.

Follow us into “The Frozen North” as the Allied commandos fan out toward their objective…

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