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Blissfully Undone

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A warm cabin during a blizzard invites hidden love to flourish…

Two couples plan a mountain getaway, but only Dan Hayes and Jenny Cole make it before the blizzard strikes. With tons of time on their hands and a natural attraction for one another, things start to heat up. Dan is an unusually creative lover. By the time the two are rescued, Jenny must make a choice—either way, hearts will suffer.

Jenny admits to her longtime boyfriend, Ryan, that she has fallen in love with Dan. The pivotal moment defines the depth of Ryan’s love when they move from being a couple to a true Ménage à trois. The sex is delicious, and the love she shares with both men divine, but there is a problem. Jenny betrayed Kelly, her best friend, when she fell in love with Dan and Kelly is hell-bent on destroying her at any cost. The threesome faces an emotional crossroads and the special bond they share is about to be severely tested. The climax to this poignant journey of passion, love, and friendship ends where it all began…

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Genre: Erotica


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